Vietnamese expert discovered a new species of tiny frog

Vietnamese expert discovered a new species of tiny frog

During a research collaboration between Vu Quang National Park, Vietnam National Museum of Nature and experts from Russia, Germany and China, the team discovered and announced a new frog species.

The new species of frog discovered in Vu Quang National Park (Vu Quang district, Ha Tinh province) is named Vietnamophryne vuquangensis “Vu Quang Dwarf Amphibian”. This frog has a very small body size, males only from 14mm to nearly 15mm, females from more than 15mm to more than 17mm long.

This species has a rough dorsal surface. In males there are small scattered bumps on the back while female dorsal is only slightly lumpy at the back and there are no large nodules; the belly of the frog is light yellow in color.

According to Mr. Nguyen Viet Hung, Deputy Head of Science and International Cooperation Department, Vu Quang National Park: “So far, according to the study of “The dwarf amphibian”, only recorded in Vu Quang National Park, but not yet found in any other region of the world”. The new species is named after the place name “Vu Quang” – where it was discovered – according to the agreement of the authors.


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